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Traditionally ironmongery was the practice of the production of iron goods, but today, the term has expanded to mean all metal products and can even refer to plastic. Today ironmongery refers to products made from different metals, alloys, ceramics and plastic, such as nickel, stainless steel, chrome, brass, porcelain and, surprisingly, uPVC and nylon.

Why Is It Important To Have The Right Door Ironmongery?

When you order new doors for your home, as well as deciding on the material, colour and design, you need to also consider the ironmongery that will be installed on your door. Having the right door ironmongery can completely transform an average door into something quite exceptional! Ironmongery, also commonly referred to as hardware, is available in several different sizes, styles, materials and also prices.

Functionality, Style and Finish

Door ironmongery, such as door handles, door locks, hinges and other accessories needs to be functional as well as have an attractive aesthetic on both interior doors and exterior doors.

When purchasing and selecting hardware, the 3 important factors you need to consider are: functionality, style and finish. You may discover a beautiful, modern designer door handle that you absolutely love, but if it is difficult to open, then it isn’t functional and you will regret its purchase in time.

Of course, the style you choose for your door is very important, you want it to complement your interior and your door! However, it is important to make sure the product is functional. When you find the style that you want you can compare different products that have the same style and you will find the perfect hardware that is fully functional and looks stunning.

The final thing to consider in your quest for the perfect hardware is the finish of your door. The finish that you decide upon can strongly affect the appearance of the door. You have the choice of different textures, different colours, a shiny finish or a matt finish. The finish must complement the style of the door and the hardware!  Make sure to hold off selecting hardware until you know what finish you will have on your new doors.

There Are A Wide Range of Choices

Quality hardware products are stylish, functional and made from high-quality materials. The right choice of hardware can completely transform your doors and windows and produce an eye-catching, stylish aesthetic for your home.

Hardware items for windows and doors are available in several different materials, metal, porcelain and even plastic. Metal and metal alloy hardware products are often the most popular due to their strength and durability.  In addition to the material the hardware is made from, there are also an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, designs and styles available for your windows and doors, to suit every taste

When it comes to deciding on your hardware, shop around and look at a variety of styles and colours. When you find the style that you like you then need to see if it complements your doors. When you have found the perfect ironmongery for your doors, whether it is gold handles or brass knockers, your doors will reflect your style giving your home a stylish and unique aesthetic.