Bespoke Windows


When it comes to timber windows and timber sash windows in London, Adwood Joinery is the company you need to get the results you want. As well as adding style, bespoke windows in London homes can add value, and our bespoke windows and outstanding windows joinery across London ensure that you get long lasting results, professional installation and service guarantees.

At Adwood, our timber windows, timber sash windows and casement timber windows in London are part of how we help preserve the treasured history and important heritage of our buildings, reflecting the genuine architecture and original styles. Our windows joinery work right across London is done to ensure the results are distinctive, durable and sustainable, with replacement timber windows for homes across London.

Perfectly complementing our timber windows and timber sash windows in London properties, our glass units deliver high end thermal, acoustic and security requirements, with all our timber windows supplied with hand blown crown glass to replicate historic imperfections while upgrading to triple glazed high-performance units.

At Adwood Joinery, we ensure that our timber windows and timber sash windows in London properties balance performance and deliver the very best in thermals, acoustics, security and aesthetics, sympathetically rebuilding the original building with integrity. For all your timber windows, timber sash windows and all bespoke windows in London, contact Adwood Joinery today for the results you really want, every time.


Built to Last: Timber Windows Deliver

At Adwood Joinery, we believe in quality products made from the highest materials available. That is why our timber windows, timber sash windows, and bespoke windows all come with our industry leading and always trusted 30-year guarantee.
Additionally, our timber windows and all bespoke windows come with a lifespan of 60 years which, when compared to uPVC products, which typically come with a 10-year warranty and a lifespan of 30 years, shows that our timber windows and timber sash windows offer our clients a far better long-term investment and product that provides true value for money.
With the quality of our timber windows and bespoke windows, even when our guarantee comes to an end it does not mean that your windows and doors need to be replaced.
Our experts know all about the finest techniques of renovation and restoration, meaning that our timber windows and timber sash windows can be maintained and repaired where required to prolong its life without having to fully replace the product.
Adwood Joinery is all about sustainability, so during the lifetime of our timber windows and timber sash windows, our sustainably sourced timber products have negative global warming potential, working to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Adwood Joinery takes sustainability seriously, which is another reason our timber windows are so popular with clients.

Timber Windows: The Modern Choice for the Modern Home

For many homeowners, timber windows or bespoke windows represent a huge investment and we believe that there is no better material to invest in than timber. As well as being more visually appealing, timber windows deliver a vastly superior performance and last up to three times as long as uPVC, with the added bonus that timber windows have a positive impact on the environment. Contact us today for all your timber windows, timber sash windows, and other bespoke windows you may want.

How To Clean and Maintain Timber Windows

It is our advice to anyone with timber windows or timber sash windows to inspect them every 6 months, as most windows and doors change due to the natural settling and seasoning processes. For most timber windows, a general rinsing or cleaning process is likely to be all that is required to maintain the freshly manufactured appearance.

Timber windows, bespoke doors and windows should be cleaned using a soft, non-abrasive cloth and mild, color-free detergent in warm water, changed regularly, to remove any contaminants, dirt, and traffic film, that will keep them in tip top condition.

On timber windows, or any bespoke windows, never use aggressive, alkaline or acidic cleaners, ammonia, bleach, strong detergents, solvents or abrasive cleaners/pads, scourers, metal scrapers, or knives to remove dirt from the painted finished item.

During cleaning, if any damage is noticed it must be repaired immediately. Failure to do so will result in reduced durability of the coating system and could affect your timber windows warranty.


When you hire Adwood Joinery for your bespoke windows in London, quality is guaranteed and superb  service is always delivered. Our timber windows and timber sash windows for many London properties deliver not only aesthetic style but also the highest quality, advanced thermal insulation, sound protections, and also a range of high security features. Our bespoke windows help London property owners save money on energy bills, including lower heating bills and much-needed noise reduction.

At Adwood Joinery, we pride ourselves in making timber windows, timber sash windows, and a range of bespoke windows for London clients that are manufactured by highly qualified and vastly experienced joiners, each of whom are  trained to ensure the  highest standards in the industry.

Without exception, all our bespoke timber doors are fitted with double glazing and weather sealing properties in accordance with the current building regulations and the BS’s standards. At Adwood Joinery, our mission is simple and consistent,  to design, craft and install highly efficient timber windows, timber window frames, and timber casement windows for your London property.

Thanks to our years of experience and a wealth of timber windows knowledge, our bespoke windows are always made using the latest designs and innovations, ensuring that all our bespoke windows in London are completed to the highest standard, without exception, delivering stunning looks and quality finishing. Stylish, durable, and made using  100% natural materials that are collected freely from well managed and sustainable forests, Adwood Joinery makes timber windows, bespoke windows and windows joinery work in London that delivers on every level.

To ensure there is accuracy and stability within the components prior to the assembling processes, our team at Adwood Joinery  ensures that there is control of the manufacturing humidity levels, so you can rely on the quality of our timber windows for your London property. To discuss timber windows, timber sash windows, casement timber windows or our range of bespoke windows in London, contact us today.

Basic Features of Timber Windows to Consider

When it comes to timber windows and timber sash windows, their higher thermal resistance must be considered, especially when compared to any of the other common building materials.

For those who maintain the timber windows and timber sash windows properly, they last for a long time, with window frames lasting up to 100 years with proper, regular maintenance.

We know that timber windows need regular maintenance and weatherproofing to ensure they remain in good condition, but that does not mean working on wooden windows will cost you a large amount. With appropriate levels of varnishing and painting your timber windows or timber sash windows can look great and ward off weather damage.

With a casement timber based window the frames can be tailor-made to your personal level of style and customisation. By selecting a variety of woods like mahogany, maple or even oak, your timber windows can achieve a great look.



When you are looking to select bespoke windows, size and shape down to you. With timber windows, you can create triangular windows in an extension to allow natural light to flood in, using timber windows to deliver an architectural statement.


On top of the style and size specification, timber sash windows and bespoke windows can deliver the perfect style and functionality to match your home’s character, keeping a seamless look throughout.


With our timber windows and casement timber windows, having them made with double or triple glazing can provide enhanced insulations, unlike those made in a poorly insulated plastic or metal frame.


When it comes to timber windows, making them with high-quality double or triple glazing represents an excellent way to use less energy, lowering your carbon emissions and helping the planet and your energy costs in one go.


When you install timber windows or bespoke windows that are an upgrade from single to double glazing you are adding value to your property and making it more attractive to buyers.


When you opt for bespoke windows, you can still include some standard features and guarantees that you would expect with any timber windows purchase, that’s our guarantee.

Timber Tilt and Turn Windows

In terms of bespoke windows in London homes, one of the most versatile window choices for both modern and heritage properties is the timber tilt and turn windows. These timber windows are designed to resemble existing glazing but with a tilt and turn design for ultimate flexibility. Our timber windows in London use an inward opening design, allowing beautiful levels of light and ventilation into any property. Our timber windows can create large glazed areas but keep the traditional style achieved by timber frames. When you choose our timber windows for your London home, you will get timeless, elegant design without compromising on modern performance.

Casement Timber Windows London

For thousands of years, timber casement windows were a choice for natural looks and a sign of elegance. These window styles have been rocking the industry for decades and we’re sure there are more years to come. These types of windows are versatile, modern and eco-friendly. No matter what kind of project you’re working in, timber casement windows London always have something classy for you. For a healthy environment, you need proper ventilation in your house and timber casement windows do that job decently. Also because of how easy it is to clean these windows, people prefer it over other styles.

At Adwood, we have an experienced team to help you with the best solution for your project. We offer a broad range of timber window frames London at a good price. We also make other types of windows for residential and commercial purposes. As a matter of fact, we look after the environment in a way that all of our materials are natural.

Traditional Timber Sash Windows London

Timber sash windows London made, are a reminder of past times, of iconic films where the actress throws up the window to wave and call at someone passing by, what the movies don’t show you is the original sash windows from those times were extremely heavy and often got stuck! Today’s modern timber sash windows London made, don’t have that problem as they have modern mechanisms for smooth opening and closing. If you are looking for a quality skilled joinery company for bespoke windows London made. Contact us at Adwood joinery, our expert craftsmen can produce whatever you need.