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When you are looking for a stylish and stunning bespoke staircase for your London property, Adwood Joinery is the company to call and the team to trust.

Our highly talented and vastly experienced staircase carpenter team works closely with each of our clients, discussing the style they want and the requirements they need. We know that each bespoke staircase is unique, which is why our stairs joinery is designed to reflect personal styles and carefully defined preferences.

As staircase specialists in London, we have designed and carefully crafted bespoke staircase pieces for homes of many styles and sizes, ensuring that our customers get exactly what they want.

We believe that all our bespoke timber staircases London is of the very highest standards, with stunning materials combining with superb craftsmanship to deliver truly special staircases, without exception. To get truly special bespoke staircase service in London, contact Adwood Joinery today.

What to Consider Before Starting the Staircase Renovation 

When it comes to getting a bespoke staircase in your London home, careful planning is the key to a successful renovation project.

As staircase specialists in London, we believe there are three main factors you need to consider before your staircase renovation commences:

  • Budget
  • Space
  • Safety


Always set your budget before beginning a bespoke staircase renovation in your London home, and tell your staircase carpenter how much you want to spend to enable you to ascertain whether that is enough to bring your vision to life without going over that budget.


For all our bespoke staircase work in London, space limitations are a major consideration, so before you even start looking at different staircase designs you should consider this issue carefully, so that you do not ask for something that is  far too big to fit inside your home.


As staircase specialists in London, safety is our watchword. As we all know, the main purpose of a bespoke staircase is to create a safe way for you to travel between the two floors in your home. All our bespoke staircase projects are focussed on safety, allowing us to set industry high standards for our clients.

For many bespoke staircases, our staircase carpenter in London advises things such as sturdy handrails and balustrades, with additional safety features to fit your lifestyle. For people with children, for example, baby proofing a bespoke staircase is a major consideration, or for those with elderly residents or guests, the idea of a stairlift is also a possible safety addition.

As bespoke staircase specialists in London, we work with each client to ensure all safety issues are addressed, so contact us today to discuss all your bespoke timber staircases London needs.

Why should you choose our bespoke staircase London ?

As bespoke staircase specialists in London, we pride ourselves on the standard of our products and the quality of our service. Our years of invaluable industry experience ensure that we are able to carefully craft staircase joinery for London customers that is second to none and designed to their exact specifications.

Talented Joiners, Bespoke Results

Our staircase carpenter team in London offers the very best in terms of high end joinery and stunningly crafted products. Using their talent and skills, our bespoke staircase makers use all their expertise to ensure that our customers get the bespoke staircase their London property deserves, outstanding quality without exception.

High Quality Materials

As proud purveyors of bespoke staircases and staircase joinery in London, we offer the Adwood promise that your products will be made of quality material that is guaranteed to last. Our staircase carpentry in London homes of all styles is made with care and the results showcase the quality of our materials as well as our craftsmanship.

Stunning Results and Superior Service

Adwood Joinery sets industry standards when it comes to bespoke staircase work in London homes. As staircase specialists in high end products our attention to detail and perfecting of our craft makes for stunning results without exception. Put simply, our bespoke staircase joinery impresses London clients, just like our unique customer focused service.

The Importance of Staircase Renovations

Damaged or deteriorating staircases are problematic and dangerous, which is why people often use us for staircase joinery in their London homes. As staircase specialists in London, we know that both the aesthetic appeal of your interiors and overall safety can be compromised by a lack of structural integrity, with aesthetics also harmed if something like a stain is visible.

Our team of staircase specialists in London is on hand to ensure both safety and aesthetics are kept at their highest levels, so contact us today for all your important stairs joinery.

Staircase Specialists London present
Two Opposite Styles for Bespoke Staircase Joinery London

Bespoke Modern Staircases London

When it comes to bespoke staircase joinery in London homes, having a stylish and stunning staircase centrepiece in a contemporary house can enhance and suit your home décor.

Our staircase carpenter in London works closely with each client to ensure that the results you get are anything but dull or pedestrian, delivering stunning craftsmanship that will create the bespoke staircase your London home deserves.

Whatever your personal preference, we can do stairs joinery that makes a statement, with all our work showcasing:

  • Blend of Materials for Stunning Results
  • Full Compliance with Building Regulations
  • Unique, Bespoke Staircase Design

At Adwood, we believe that a bespoke timber staircases in your London home should be so much more than just furniture. Our staircase specialists in London continually upgrade their techniques and design skills to ensure all our bespoke staircase customers get outstanding products and results.

Classic Bespoke Wooden Staircases London Styles

At Adwood Joinery we have a team of bespoke staircase specialists in London who are driven to create and carefully craft some of the most stunning, classic styles of bespoke staircases you will ever find. Our professional love of wooden staircase joinery for London homes of all kinds ensures that we embrace the versatility of our materials and deliver results that match the classic styles that our customers want.

All our staircase joinery in London guarantees you:

  • Timeless, Charming Design
  • Superb Quality Materials
  • Bespoke Staircase Joinery to Suit your London home perfectly

Our bespoke staircase work in London is all done by our talented, in-house staircase carpenter and a team of skilled industry engineers, guaranteeing staircase joinery of the highest standard and bespoke staircase joinery results that never fail to impress.

Adwood bespoke staircase London - Check How We Work!


At Adwood Joinery, we work closely with each client to design the very best bespoke staircase, each perfect for their London property. Our staircase carpenter offers expert advice and listens to customers to ensure that their specifications and requirements are delivered in their bespoke design, guaranteeing staircase joinery that customers love.


When the design is agreed and finalized, we waste no time in creating the precise bespoke staircase that each London customer has specified. Our staircase specialists in London manufacture each piece with careful craftsmanship and finely honed skills. This sublime staircase joinery manufacturing delivers stunning results which are signed off on before installation begins.


As true staircase specialists in London we do our job from design through to installation. Our bespoke staircase team will ensure that the installation schedule is done at a time that works for each client, causing minimum disruption while delivering maximum results. For bespoke staircase work in London, Adwood Joinery is your one stop shop, so contact us today.

Renovating Bespoke Staircases: Adding Value to your Home

When it comes to our property, the value of it is something we all think about, and how we can improve the value is also something we consider. Something such as a bespoke staircase in your London home, be it a new one or the renovation of an existing one, that can genuinely add some value to your home, especially when done well.

For many, some renovations can be small, others prefer large, whole scale work, but few things make a style and stunning statement like a bespoke staircase made by a staircase carpenter and designed to reflect your personal style.

When you work with our staircase specialists in London, you will appreciate the quality of the stairs joinery as well as the end results, which can add both value and style to your home.

Partial or Complete Renovation - Bespoke Staircase London

Full Staircase Replacement

Though there is more to plan and more to consider, a bespoke staircase replacement in your London home could be worth every moment and every penny. A bespoke staircase can do everything from maximising space to create a more light entry or atrium, or even make your whole home more accessible and roomy.

Some staircase joinery will involve building or structural work, which is why our staircase specialists in London assess homes carefully and work closely with each client to ensure they know the scope and scale of the work they want to be done. For those who are concerned about a bespoke staircase being a lot of work, we can also offer partial renovation services that are both cheaper and less disruptive.

Replace Balustrades
or Dated Spindles

Many of the older bespoke staircases in London homes have dated spindles, and simply replacing them with more modern equivalents can really improve the look of your staircase. Available in a wide range of materials, in both contemporary and classic styles, we stock a wide variety of spindles – so you are sure to find a style that complements your interior.

Over time wooden staircases can suffer without the right treatment and maintenance. Applying the right treatments is a cost-effective and relatively simple solution that helps to show off the beauty of the wood, another classic reason why bespoke staircases are so worthwhile.


When it comes to designing a bespoke staircase for your London home it is important to understand  that a stair stringer, also called ‘string’ or ‘stringer board’, is the housing on either side of a flight of stairs, into which the treads and risers are fixed. A staircase will have two stringers, one on either side of the steps, something our staircase specialists in London are used to doing.

Cut and closed are the two main types of stringer made by our staircase carpenter in London. If the stringer houses or hides the edge of the stairs from view it is a closed string but if your bespoke staircase has a stringer cut to the shape of the staircase, showing the tread profile, then it is a cut stringer.

Bespoke Staircase Design

Some reasons why the design of staircase joinery is so important:

Designed Access 
For any bespoke staircase, the primary purpose is to allow and create access between the various levels of a property and to transition between different areas within that property.

As staircase specialists in London, we know that a bespoke staircase can deliver an architectural centrepiece or serve as a partition to break up a large open-plan area.

Aesthetic Style
From a bespoke staircase that echoes industrial stairs or contemporary floating stairs, be they oak or glass staircase, you can create a bespoke staircase for your London home that reflects your personal style.

Value Adding
A bespoke staircase in your London home can add value to your property resale prices, as. potential buyers are often attracted to a visually-appealing and structurally stunning bespoke staircase.

Bespoke Timber Staircases Handrails

Whether it’s handrails as part of a feature bespoke staircase in your London townhouse or  or a standalone item, our staircase carpenter in London can carefully craft custom handrails that often have unrivaled visual styles and truly unique design sensibility, while never compromising on safety or practicality. We ensure that our staircase carpenter always delivers handrails that bring something special to your design.

Our handrails also provide edge protection around voids, so when our staircase carpenter in London creaks bespoke staircase and bespoke handrail designs, he will be sure to match the interior design that you want or have.

At Adwood, our staircase specialists in London conduct on-site surveys to form the basis of our structural analysis and technical drawings. Once approved, our staircase carpenter will craft your design, before we manufacture them using top grade local materials.