During November and December here at Adwood Joinery, we are always inundated with questions about what we predict the trends will be for the next year. When it comes to bespoke furniture in London and the work of our local furniture makers in London, we usually share these answers with journalists and the team in the studio, but this year, we want to share our answers far and wide in our latest blog post.

Fluted Timber
Our local furniture makers in London have talked and designed a lot of fluted glass joinery over the years. Our fluted timber bespoke furniture in London has been done for pantries, wall cabinets, home bars, crockery cupboards and studies to name but a few. This kind of bespoke furniture is a versatile, tactile feature. For 2022, our furniture joinery team in London see this fluted trend moving from glass to timber.

Panelled Shaker
Our bespoke furniture maker in London will tell you that it may not be a new trend per se, but 2022 will see a renewed appreciation for adapting a standard shaker door to include wide pin panels or just as the simple shaker but in a treated timber. Bespoke joinery Images are starting to circulate on social media and design publications, raising the popularity of this style.

Subtle curved end panels on islands as well as bigger semi circle barrel-shaped island ends will become increasingly popular next year. This is great news for families with young toddlers who run the daily gauntlet of head height squared-off mitred corners that have been more common in recent years.

Muted Colours
In the world of bespoke furniture in London, darker colours have been the staple for the last few years, but we are now finding it more impactful and sophisticated to introduce mood and feeling into the space using softer tones.

Our bespoke furniture maker in London has noticed a shift towards using natural materials such as timbers and veneers as well as the use of rough and polished mortar finishes dominating in 2021.